Technology surprises us every day thanks to its many advances and the difficulty of predicting the new inventions of the future. This is how our society has had to change and adjust to the new reality that the digital world offers us. In this way many of the businesses that were previously only in a place, store or office, have a space on the Internet.

This was also the case for financial services, which became more than face-to-face procedures, to make its way on the Internet by offering services such as immediate online online payday loans. The opportunity for online payday loans arose as a need to offer innovation over traditional online payday loans, and the market was adapting along with new technologies, which facilitated the existence of more and more users, more customers and therefore, better services.

The use of the tools offered by the digital world, understood as platforms on the Internet, and the use of social networks to market the services, generated a new form of consumption where many users felt identified by being able to make any request through a digital platform and with this get an answer to your consumption needs.

This forced companies that wanted to participate in this revolution to create strategies that allowed them to be part of this digital community, and thus begin to create an online reputation and offer different services with added values ​​so that they had a positive impact. In the case of the financial sector, many banks had to begin to solve procedures and applications online, creating a whole system that could support the demand of users who began using this type of services, in addition to offering online chat.

For the resolution of doubts in record time

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Similarly, we had to find an alternative that was safe so that clients of these types of entities had the option of requesting a online payday loan remotely, without having to go to the bank and thus obtain immediate online payday loans online. However, network users needed something else that could give them guarantees for the approval of their credits without having to deal with all the restrictions that a bank currently has for that purpose.

It is for this reason that Zin obe, taking advantage of this unmet need and using the best engineering, created an innovative platform that allows him to receive online payday loans immediately and securely: Jonathems. It is the website where you can apply for a online payday loan from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, without having to do annoying paperwork or lines in financial institutions that can take hours and make you lose much of the day. Through Jonathems.

You can apply for different online payday loans

You can apply for different loans

Regardless of your financial status, since if you submit a report at risk centers, our system will not only take this data into account but will also calculate your probabilities among more than 500 variables, which will allow you to have greater possibilities of obtaining immediate online payday loans online, regardless of whether your report is positive or negative. In this way Jonathems can respond to one of the biggest problems in obtaining online payday loans.

In addition, one of the biggest challenges that had to be assumed from engineering was the issue of online security, taking into account that financial transactions through the network must have a computer infrastructure that allows the user to share their data without the possibility that other people can access their accounts or their information.

T0000000000000000000000his is something fundamental because we have witnessed what happens when there is no secure page certificate or when you do not have the necessary tools to make a platform a suitable place to share information. We just have to remember the cyber attack of a few months ago where there was a massive theft of data from different companies with the “WannaCry” virus, where the offenders asked for a reward or extorted the companies to give them money if they wanted to recover their confidential information.

Many banks around the world

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Were affected by this hacker attack and had to change their entire security infrastructure to prevent this from happening again and the protection of the site was violated. That is why Jonathems has made a great investment in security matters so that our users can exchange important information with us without having to worry that a third party can access this data fraudulently or illegally. All our protection policy can be found on our Jonathems website.

The panorama for companies that have immediate online online payday loans as a service is very favorable, as long as they deliver solutions that allow customers to have services immediately and without so many restrictions, as Jonathems does. We invite you to be part of our online community and can enjoy the services we have, in addition to taking advantage of the great benefits and promotions we offer in special seasons, to be the solution you have been looking for.

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