If you are looking to buy a car, you need to know that abuses are present everywhere, including the automotive sector, so it is important that we know how to identify them to get away in time.

 So, these are some of the characteristics that indicate that vehicle credit is not good for you:

1. Prohibits you from acquiring credits with other institutions.

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2. It establishes as a condition that it acquires other products in a mandatory manner (mostly vehicle or life insurance).

3. Prohibits moving credit to another institution.

4. It does not establish a fixed amount for commissions that the institution may charge.

5. You do not set a fixed amount for interest or a date to calculate them.

If you identify a contract where there is one or more of these characteristics, be very careful before accepting. That is why it is always advised to compare the different options and find out very well before making a decision. Remember, it is better to take a good time to decide than to repent for the next three or four years.

Despite the fact that banks and other financial institutions are committed to benefit customers

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Many times you can still find abusive clauses that only harm users. It is true that insurance does not cost a sun or two, but there are several options that can be adapted to the pocket of the different drivers, depending on the level of protection they wish to acquire. They don’t hide anything from you, but they explain what you need to know about your car problems. It is necessary to keep your eyes wide open, since the purchase of a new car implies a contract that you will pay for some years. If the workshop is clean, there is an order for each client, among other things, it is a good indicator.

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