distribution transformer tenders

All you need to know about the distribution transformer tenders

The distribution transformers play a vital role in stepping down the voltage at the consumer end in an electric power distribution circuitry, providing the required amount of voltage that suits the machines or devices. It is also known as a service transformer in several areas. It is therefore much important to know about these transformers and how to make them useful. Since stepping down of the voltage is a high desire function that finds its applications not only in the industrial areas but also in the domestic areas. This is the reason we find the distribution transformer tenders being opened every other day by the companies on large scale.

Depending on the budget of the firm looking forward to getting the transformer, the tender could comprise of either one of the many types of the transformer or a combination of all or few. There are five major types of the distribution transformer namely one phase transformer, three phase transformer, underground transformer, pole mounted transformer and pad mounted transformer.

The purpose of insulating a certain part of the circuit or the whole circuit is also achieved via these distribution transformers. These transformers are generally small in size and are available in a number of efficiencies.

What do the companies look for in the distribution transformer tenders?

When a certain group or firm opens a tender for these transformers, they usually look for these features as stated below:

  • The amount of load that the transformer could bear
  • The tolerance of the stepping voltage of the transformer
  • The satisfactory attachment to the energy meter at the user end
  • The figure of insulation provided by the transformer
  • The efficiency of the stepping down voltage
  • The ratio of the output power to input power at full load condition

Once the tender is been opened, a number of companies manufacturing and distributing these transformers will start approaching the firm. The procedure they follow is to fill in the necessary details for the products that they can deliver and their efficiency as required by the buyer. The buyer then closes the tender on the announced date and usually calls for the meeting with the representatives of the manufacturers. The meeting is based on the short listing of the distributors according to their details in the tender. Once the meetings are over, the buyer then decides which company he would prefer to hire. The decision largely depends upon the services, efficiency, and rates of the manufacturers.

If you are a manufacturing company and you wish to win a tender, you need to focus on the following points while filling a tender:

  • Stay truthful and honest about your product
  • Do not exaggerate, stick to the facts
  • Provide every possible detail regarding the transformer and components
  • Check if you can deliver in time
  • If you doubt to deliver the project in time, do not risk to sign it
  • If you have to purchase some raw material, would your budget make you comfortable


You or your elderly members of the family may have some nervous breakdown problems which result from the musculoskeletal problems. These problems can be well treated with a form of medicine called chiropractic or alternative medicine. These generally affect the body via the nervous system. The main treatment that exists is the manual therapy or sometimes Spinal Manipulation Therapy or SMT where certain manipulations of the soft tissues or joints are done. This was founded by D.D Palmer in the year 1890s and has ever since been a controversial issue in the medical world.


The main treatment that is done by this method is the ‘spinal adjustment’ or ‘chiropractic adjustment’ and usually involves manual handling of the spinal bones till a point and not damaging the joints. It’s a sudden thrust which is applied and this motion increases the range of movement and this thrust is given for a very short period of time. In other words, SMT uses manual handling of the softer spinal tissues by means of massage, mobilize, manipulate, simulate or apply traction to it. The various techniques are included here-Activator Technique (which uses spring loaded tool to deliver certain elements to the spine), Diversified Technique (Full spine manipulation), Thompson technique (that relies on a drop table), Gonstead, Cox/flexion distraction (a low force using both chiropractic and osteopathic rules), Sacro-occipital Technique (which models the spine as a torsion bar). Various other types of procedures were received by patients suffering from the spine, softer tissues etc. related diseases, along with the techniques one has to also take care of the daily activities, self-care strategies, corrective exercises, relaxing or stress reductions or even ice pack therapy (cryotherapy).

How effective is it?

Mostly different kinds of back pain can be treated with a medical condition. In a survey, it has been found that this therapy improves on the prevention of migraine headaches. It was also found to treat tension headaches, much better than it treated the migraine headaches. It was also found that his therapeutic way improves on the neck pain of the elder people and brought back the normal conditions to him after the person underwent SMT. Knee pain or shoulder pains improved when this therapy was undertaken by the patients and it has been proved even that manually therapy treats hip osteoporosis better than any other therapies.


How trustworthy is it?

The World Health Organization or WHO announced that manual treatment of these various types of pain has no side effects. Though certain scientists are still unsure about the relevance of this therapy in treating rheumatoid arthritis but still no complications has risen in the past or such records are not available. From a long time, this therapy has been under great controversy both internal as well as external. Subluxation is the sole reason for the occurrence of any disease but its treatment can be done manually. With this belief, the Chiropractor school of people have been studying this field of medicine and have achieved great success in the past and even now this branch of medicine is on a high demand among the new interested group of inquisitive doctors.

Advantages of hiring Man with a van service in London

People often need to change their locations due to work and other reasons. The job of relocation is quite intimidating for the entire family. Everyone suffers the transition period as the tables turn upside down. The worst part of the job is to pack, load, and unload the items in the new location. It is even worse when you have to carry them all by yourself. This is where the efficient service of Man with a van London comes in the picture. You will not have to do anything when the trained blokes are here to help.

man with a van london Why hire Man with a van London service?

  • No hassle

Why would you lift heavy things when there is someone trained to do so? Never think of straining your back when you can easily avail a service where the heavy jobs will be done. Just give them a call and the team will reach your described location within minutes to pick and deliver the items. Forget the hassles of loading and unloading the items. It will be done smoothly.

  • Trained professionals

You cannot let any random person pick your items or box them. The Man with a van London service assigns the experienced personnel for the particular jobs. Due to their immense experience and comprehensive training, they know how to handle domestic and commercial items properly. Their methods of packing the items will keep them safe during the journey. These men have the best knowledge of packaging materials, vehicles, and local roadways. The main motto behind the service is to deliver the shipment as soon as possible so that it does not become inconvenient for the clients.

  • One shipment at a time

Unlike the other courier and delivery companies, this Man with a van London service only delivers one consignment at a time in its assigned vehicle. It means that your items will be solely delivered in a single vehicle. There will be other consignments. It also indicates that there will be no chance of mix-up or damages due to over-stuffing of items.

  • Trustworthy

The items can be very important for a household or for a commercial setup. This is why; people recommend hiring a personalized service where you can easily customize the factors as per your need. If you are a student and want to send some books back home or an employer who wants to transfer some important documents to the new office, you can find the best possible arrangement to get the job done. Courier companies, on the other hand, will not let you choose or customize. You have to go as per their directions. In fact, you can trust the service. The items will reach safe and sound in the described location.

  • Feasibility

man with a van london

This is the best and cheapest method to send your items. The rates are affordable. You can save a lot of money by availing this service.

For a small volume of shipment to relocate a small house or transferring office items, this Man with a van London service is the ideal option to go with.