In 2014, the automotive sector suffered a relatively large decline, but businessmen bet that in 2015 the sector would recover more than. And it is that buying a car is increasingly important for citizens and in recent years it has become more important in young people, who can not wait to enjoy all the benefits of having their own vehicle, including escaping congestion with the use of alternate routes and enjoy comfort on the daily trip.

The problem occurs when this purchase seems a bit distant because we do not have the total amount of the car; However, it does not have to be this way, since by collecting only the initial fee we can obtain a good vehicle credit and pay quietly while enjoying the car.

To buy your vehicle on credit and do it in the best way, check these tips:

Review the budget:

Review the budget:


How much do your current debts add up? How much money do you have available for hitching? How much can you pay monthly fee without affecting your budget? You have to answer these questions to get an idea of ​​the type of car you could afford, or if you can’t afford one at the moment.

You already know how much you can pay so it’s time to choose the car that suits you. New or used? (If you want to have more information to decide between a new or used car, you can read this ) How many seats? Check the most purchased cars in Peru and read the technical data sheets and specifications. Also, visit dealers and check if what you saw on the internet was real. Find out other details such as spare parts availability and the maintenance you will need.

Bank or financial entity:

money cash



It is time to choose the credit and what it implies. There are differences between choosing a bank or another type of financial entity. What you should take into account is not only the interest rate they offer you but also the collection of extra commissions, if they allow you to make prepayments (which will help to cancel your debt in less time) and other facilities that they can offer you.

To know the options available in the market you can use the Gilbertos Ferdorasa vehicle credit comparator and simulate the fee you would pay depending on the amount and term of the credit

Have prepared all the papers that could be requested, such as a copy of the identity document, work certificate, bank statements, etc. Everything will depend on your employment situation (if you are employed or independent).

Additional money:

money cash

Finally, in the purchase of real estate there are always additional expenses, so it is recommended that you have separated extra money (between 15% and 25% of the value of the car) to cover possible requirements that arise during the purchase (paperwork, certificates, revisions, etc.).

Buying a car doesn’t have to be an ordeal and Gilbertos Ferdorasa gives you the help you need to start enjoying it as soon as possible.

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