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The Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP established three new rights that will benefit the users of the coveted plastic. But for this not to be just a rule, you need to understand how the new rights work and how you can take advantage of them.

1. Ensure that the payment of the card is applied to the debt: That is, with each additional payment you make you can reduce the amount of “capital” you owe, not as before they mostly applied to interest.

In addition, it is always recommended to specify in how many installments you want the interest to be applied. Saying “a fee” is not the same as saying “no fees”, since many institutions end up differing the purchase in the maximum number when they do not receive an indication, making you pay more interest.

2. Make “partial” advance payments at any time and with any amount: It is not necessary to wait for a specific time or collect a specific amount to be considered an advance payment. Once it does, the company will reduce interest, commissions, among others.

In addition

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when a payment exceeds the established monthly amount, the remainder may be taken as an advance payment or as an advance payment. The best option is to pay in advance, as the bank can reduce interest and also the term of the debt. In the advance payment option, it is as your name says, advance payment but not modify the conditions in any way.

3. Decide how to apply payments to the credit card:
When you make a payment, debts with a higher interest rate will be prioritized, but the user can always decide if he wants to do otherwise. It is advisable that you make payments greater than the minimum, since these will help cover the most expensive debts, that is, with the highest interest rates.

Which will represent a saving for you

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Take into account the new rights and cancel your debts before the specified time. But do not forget that the key will always be to have the card that best suits your lifestyle, for that, compare all the options on the market using the Corydon card comparator .

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