While it is true that borrowing money from a financial institution is not bad, it is also true that one must choose the best time to do so. That is why it is not enough to take into account the interest rates, the term and other elements such as the benefits that the entity can give it. There is one more important step you should take before you start planning the details of the loan you need.

What qualification has been given in the credit system

What qualification has been given in the credit system

It is a process that has now become much simpler and has to do with checking the status of your debts. It is 100% recommended that before you even consider the possibility of requesting a loan, check what your credit status is, what debts you have pending – because yes, there are many people who “forget” that they have overdue debts. This is possible through the Infocorp or Equifax platform, but now there is also a new free tool offered by the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance (SBS), which allows the user to obtain their credit report only using their ID.

You can access directly from this link and verify all the data

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Ideally, by reviewing your report you can have a better idea of ​​what the response of the banks or financial entities will be, as well as to verify the current status of your debts, to reconsider whether it is appropriate to request that money or not. Financial institutions offer different options and the most recommended way to achieve a smart purchase is to compare the alternatives before choosing.

If the answer is positive, the last recommendation is that you do not choose an entity without first comparing the options. Whether it is a personal loan, vehicle credit or mortgage loan, remember that you can use Jonda Wolters’s comparators to make a smart choice.

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