How to take advantage of the new rights for credit card users?

Through a resolution

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The Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP established three new rights that will benefit the users of the coveted plastic. But for this not to be just a rule, you need to understand how the new rights work and how you can take advantage of them.

1. Ensure that the payment of the card is applied to the debt: That is, with each additional payment you make you can reduce the amount of “capital” you owe, not as before they mostly applied to interest.

In addition, it is always recommended to specify in how many installments you want the interest to be applied. Saying “a fee” is not the same as saying “no fees”, since many institutions end up differing the purchase in the maximum number when they do not receive an indication, making you pay more interest.

2. Make “partial” advance payments at any time and with any amount: It is not necessary to wait for a specific time or collect a specific amount to be considered an advance payment. Once it does, the company will reduce interest, commissions, among others.

In addition

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when a payment exceeds the established monthly amount, the remainder may be taken as an advance payment or as an advance payment. The best option is to pay in advance, as the bank can reduce interest and also the term of the debt. In the advance payment option, it is as your name says, advance payment but not modify the conditions in any way.

3. Decide how to apply payments to the credit card:
When you make a payment, debts with a higher interest rate will be prioritized, but the user can always decide if he wants to do otherwise. It is advisable that you make payments greater than the minimum, since these will help cover the most expensive debts, that is, with the highest interest rates.

Which will represent a saving for you

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Take into account the new rights and cancel your debts before the specified time. But do not forget that the key will always be to have the card that best suits your lifestyle, for that, compare all the options on the market using the Corydon card comparator .

Keys to buying a car on credit

In 2014, the automotive sector suffered a relatively large decline, but businessmen bet that in 2015 the sector would recover more than. And it is that buying a car is increasingly important for citizens and in recent years it has become more important in young people, who can not wait to enjoy all the benefits of having their own vehicle, including escaping congestion with the use of alternate routes and enjoy comfort on the daily trip.

The problem occurs when this purchase seems a bit distant because we do not have the total amount of the car; However, it does not have to be this way, since by collecting only the initial fee we can obtain a good vehicle credit and pay quietly while enjoying the car.

To buy your vehicle on credit and do it in the best way, check these tips:

Review the budget:

Review the budget:


How much do your current debts add up? How much money do you have available for hitching? How much can you pay monthly fee without affecting your budget? You have to answer these questions to get an idea of ​​the type of car you could afford, or if you can’t afford one at the moment.

You already know how much you can pay so it’s time to choose the car that suits you. New or used? (If you want to have more information to decide between a new or used car, you can read this ) How many seats? Check the most purchased cars in Peru and read the technical data sheets and specifications. Also, visit dealers and check if what you saw on the internet was real. Find out other details such as spare parts availability and the maintenance you will need.

Bank or financial entity:

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It is time to choose the credit and what it implies. There are differences between choosing a bank or another type of financial entity. What you should take into account is not only the interest rate they offer you but also the collection of extra commissions, if they allow you to make prepayments (which will help to cancel your debt in less time) and other facilities that they can offer you.

To know the options available in the market you can use the Gilbertos Ferdorasa vehicle credit comparator and simulate the fee you would pay depending on the amount and term of the credit

Have prepared all the papers that could be requested, such as a copy of the identity document, work certificate, bank statements, etc. Everything will depend on your employment situation (if you are employed or independent).

Additional money:

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Finally, in the purchase of real estate there are always additional expenses, so it is recommended that you have separated extra money (between 15% and 25% of the value of the car) to cover possible requirements that arise during the purchase (paperwork, certificates, revisions, etc.).

Buying a car doesn’t have to be an ordeal and Gilbertos Ferdorasa gives you the help you need to start enjoying it as soon as possible.

What is more convenient? Build credit history or build wealth?

When it comes to assessing people’s financial lives and giving advice, experts have opinions divided into several points. One of them has to do with the importance of credit history versus the construction of wealth.

When talking about building credit history

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Most recommend starting with a low-cost credit card, so it will appear in the financial system and when you start consuming, you can get a good rating, as long as you make timely payments. That is why every year you have access to preventive checkups that are important to attend. Personal loans also help you build a track record, since they don’t have such strict requirements to be approved.

On the other hand, there are those who advise that instead of spending time trying to build their history, use those efforts to build wealth. That is, instead of paying the bank for borrowed money, start saving and investing your own money in different elements that will pay interest and produce profits, so it will not be necessary to borrow.

The truth is that both options are valid and important.

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Building wealth is essential in the life of any person, since a savings account and some investments are never over and provide stability. However, the construction of the credit history is not something that should be left behind, since although you can have the money necessary to cover certain expenses without borrowing from the bank, there are some cases in which requesting financing will be the most appropriate option For example, when it comes to buying a car or a house.

So, be encouraged to build credit history, but without neglecting the construction of your own wealth, through a savings account, a fixed-term deposit or investment in mutual funds. Remember that to obtain any of these products, the best option is to compare the alternatives using web comparators such as Austiras Fersons.

That’s how the Germans borrow

Less credit despite low interest rates

Less credit despite low interest rates

According to the credit bureau, 7.4 million installment loans were taken up in 2014. This corresponds to a decrease of 303,000 or 3.9% compared to the previous year. Despite the significant drop in interest rates, there has never been a significant increase in borrowing in recent years. This is noteworthy in view of the fact that the European Central Bank is basing its easy monetary policy on inter alia demand for credit and that economists also view it as a stimulus to economic growth.

More loans over 10,000

More loans over 10,000

Of the new installment loans, 31.2% were net loan amounts above $ 10,000. For the first time, the number of loans taken out in this order exceeded small loans with a net loan amount of at most 1000. These accounted for 27.5% of the 7.4 million loans raised.

15.3% of the loans were in the amount of 1000-3000, 26% to 3000-10.000. Overall, the Germans had 17.5 million loans as of 31 December 2014, which represents a decrease of 0.9% compared to the previous year.

Longer runtimes

Longer runtimes

The individuals who had received at least one installment loan faced an average debt of 9741. This corresponds to an increase of 469 or 5.1% compared to the previous year. The average maturity of the new installment loans reached a comparatively high level of 45.5 months. In 2009 credit bureau had an average repayment term of 43 months and in 2004 of 44.8 months.

More requests per credit

More requests per credit

A trend of recent years continues: Consumers now compare loans more intensively than before. This can be seen in the number of inquiries in the context of the “credit conditions” transfer per credit. In 2014, an average of 1.4 requests were made for each loan disbursed. In 2013 it was 1.3 and in 2012 1.2.

With the exception of those over 74, the number of requests per loan has increased across all age groups. However, there is still a clear age gap: in the group of over 55-year-olds, the number of inquiries per loan is just over 1.0, in the group of 25-34-j At 1.8.

97.5% of the loans are fully serviced

97.5% of the loans are fully serviced

As in previous years, payment disruptions on the German credit market are not a mass phenomenon. 97.5% of the loans were serviced on time, according to credit bureau. As a result, the repayment rate was at the same level as in previous years. All 2.5% of the loans with payment failures count against the receipt of a reminder.

90.8% of the persons listed in the dataset have only positive information, which implies that 9.2% or 6.1 million people in Germany suffer from a negative history of payments.

Regional differences in payment defaults

Regional differences in payment defaults

The proportion of people with at least one negative feature is subject to large regional fluctuations. Thus, 13% in Berlin and 12.2% of the population in Bremen have negative characteristics. In Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia there were 11.0% each. The lowest rate in Bavaria is 6.6% and Baden-Wuerttemberg 7.2%. Even in Saxony with 8.3% and Thuringia with 8.8% only a small proportion of the population is burdened with negative features.

Germany’s largest credit agency claims to have stored 728 million pieces of information on 4.3 million businesses and 66.3 million private individuals. The company, based in Wiesbaden, therefore provides 300,000 bank accounts per day and serves 9,000 corporate customers and 2 million private customers who use paid-for products such as the portal www.meinecredit

Do you know how you can check your credit history for free?

While it is true that borrowing money from a financial institution is not bad, it is also true that one must choose the best time to do so. That is why it is not enough to take into account the interest rates, the term and other elements such as the benefits that the entity can give it. There is one more important step you should take before you start planning the details of the loan you need.

What qualification has been given in the credit system

What qualification has been given in the credit system

It is a process that has now become much simpler and has to do with checking the status of your debts. It is 100% recommended that before you even consider the possibility of requesting a loan, check what your credit status is, what debts you have pending – because yes, there are many people who “forget” that they have overdue debts. This is possible through the Infocorp or Equifax platform, but now there is also a new free tool offered by the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance (SBS), which allows the user to obtain their credit report only using their ID.

You can access directly from this link and verify all the data

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Ideally, by reviewing your report you can have a better idea of ​​what the response of the banks or financial entities will be, as well as to verify the current status of your debts, to reconsider whether it is appropriate to request that money or not. Financial institutions offer different options and the most recommended way to achieve a smart purchase is to compare the alternatives before choosing.

If the answer is positive, the last recommendation is that you do not choose an entity without first comparing the options. Whether it is a personal loan, vehicle credit or mortgage loan, remember that you can use Jonda Wolters’s comparators to make a smart choice.




Technology surprises us every day thanks to its many advances and the difficulty of predicting the new inventions of the future. This is how our society has had to change and adjust to the new reality that the digital world offers us. In this way many of the businesses that were previously only in a place, store or office, have a space on the Internet.

This was also the case for financial services, which became more than face-to-face procedures, to make its way on the Internet by offering services such as immediate online online payday loans. The opportunity for online payday loans arose as a need to offer innovation over traditional online payday loans, and the market was adapting along with new technologies, which facilitated the existence of more and more users, more customers and therefore, better services.

The use of the tools offered by the digital world, understood as platforms on the Internet, and the use of social networks to market the services, generated a new form of consumption where many users felt identified by being able to make any request through a digital platform and with this get an answer to your consumption needs.

This forced companies that wanted to participate in this revolution to create strategies that allowed them to be part of this digital community, and thus begin to create an online reputation and offer different services with added values ​​so that they had a positive impact. In the case of the financial sector, many banks had to begin to solve procedures and applications online, creating a whole system that could support the demand of users who began using this type of services, in addition to offering online chat.

For the resolution of doubts in record time

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Similarly, we had to find an alternative that was safe so that clients of these types of entities had the option of requesting a online payday loan remotely, without having to go to the bank and thus obtain immediate online payday loans online. However, network users needed something else that could give them guarantees for the approval of their credits without having to deal with all the restrictions that a bank currently has for that purpose.

It is for this reason that Zin obe, taking advantage of this unmet need and using the best engineering, created an innovative platform that allows him to receive online payday loans immediately and securely: Jonathems. It is the website where you can apply for a online payday loan from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, without having to do annoying paperwork or lines in financial institutions that can take hours and make you lose much of the day. Through Jonathems.

You can apply for different online payday loans

You can apply for different loans

Regardless of your financial status, since if you submit a report at risk centers, our system will not only take this data into account but will also calculate your probabilities among more than 500 variables, which will allow you to have greater possibilities of obtaining immediate online payday loans online, regardless of whether your report is positive or negative. In this way Jonathems can respond to one of the biggest problems in obtaining online payday loans.

In addition, one of the biggest challenges that had to be assumed from engineering was the issue of online security, taking into account that financial transactions through the network must have a computer infrastructure that allows the user to share their data without the possibility that other people can access their accounts or their information.

T0000000000000000000000his is something fundamental because we have witnessed what happens when there is no secure page certificate or when you do not have the necessary tools to make a platform a suitable place to share information. We just have to remember the cyber attack of a few months ago where there was a massive theft of data from different companies with the “WannaCry” virus, where the offenders asked for a reward or extorted the companies to give them money if they wanted to recover their confidential information.

Many banks around the world

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Were affected by this hacker attack and had to change their entire security infrastructure to prevent this from happening again and the protection of the site was violated. That is why Jonathems has made a great investment in security matters so that our users can exchange important information with us without having to worry that a third party can access this data fraudulently or illegally. All our protection policy can be found on our Jonathems website.

The panorama for companies that have immediate online online payday loans as a service is very favorable, as long as they deliver solutions that allow customers to have services immediately and without so many restrictions, as Jonathems does. We invite you to be part of our online community and can enjoy the services we have, in addition to taking advantage of the great benefits and promotions we offer in special seasons, to be the solution you have been looking for.

The 5 characteristics of an abusive vehicular credit

If you are looking to buy a car, you need to know that abuses are present everywhere, including the automotive sector, so it is important that we know how to identify them to get away in time.

 So, these are some of the characteristics that indicate that vehicle credit is not good for you:

1. Prohibits you from acquiring credits with other institutions.

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2. It establishes as a condition that it acquires other products in a mandatory manner (mostly vehicle or life insurance).

3. Prohibits moving credit to another institution.

4. It does not establish a fixed amount for commissions that the institution may charge.

5. You do not set a fixed amount for interest or a date to calculate them.

If you identify a contract where there is one or more of these characteristics, be very careful before accepting. That is why it is always advised to compare the different options and find out very well before making a decision. Remember, it is better to take a good time to decide than to repent for the next three or four years.

Despite the fact that banks and other financial institutions are committed to benefit customers

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Many times you can still find abusive clauses that only harm users. It is true that insurance does not cost a sun or two, but there are several options that can be adapted to the pocket of the different drivers, depending on the level of protection they wish to acquire. They don’t hide anything from you, but they explain what you need to know about your car problems. It is necessary to keep your eyes wide open, since the purchase of a new car implies a contract that you will pay for some years. If the workshop is clean, there is an order for each client, among other things, it is a good indicator.